What You Need To Know About The Citizens Academy

What You Need To Know About The Citizens Academy

Citizens Academy 

Have you ever been interested in learning more about how the Thousand Oaks Police Department operates? Then you will love the Citizen Academy! The highly acclaimed and dynamic program is offered by the Thousand Oaks Police Department and is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the criminal justice system and law enforcement.

The Citizens Academy is a 12-week program and is designed to help people become more familiar with the role that law enforcement plays in society. Those who participated in the Academy will learn how officers are trained, talk to investigators, visit the Sheriff’s Detention facilities, and watch specialized teams in action, including Hostage Negotiators, SWAT, K-9 handlers and Bomb Technicians.

The main goal of the Citizens Academy is not to turn the participants into police officers, but rather to present law enforcement in a manner that will dispel any misunderstandings and promote lasting and valuable relationships. The message for all participants in the Academy is that deputy sheriffs and police officers are dedicated and professional public servants whose main concern is for the people that they serve.

For more information on the Citizens Academy, contact the Thousand Oaks Police Charitable Foundation in Thousand Oaks, California.

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