Volunteer With the TOPCF to Service Your Community

Volunteer with the TOPCF to Service Your Community

There is little in this world that is as fulfilling as volunteering, here’s how you can help our community.

We all know that volunteering is a virtuous act and an incredibly self-fulfilling one that greatly benefits the community. Even though we know of the benefits, many of us rarely participate. It’s time to change that and get out to service your community. Here at the Thousand Oaks Police Charitable Foundation, we offer great and many ways for you to volunteer. Here are the branches we offer and what you could do, should you choose to volunteer and service your community.

Volunteers in Policing – Volunteers provide ancillary support to police personnel assigned to the TOPD.

Explorers – The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office provides a Law Enforcement Explorer program in order to educate and involve youth in the role police have to the community and interest them in law enforcement.

DART – The Disaster Assistance Response Team is a well-organized group of trained, local citizens who dedicate their time and effort and assist the government in emergency situations.

Amateur Radio Emergency Services – The mission of the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) is to provide professional emergency communications, increase emergency response time, and speed the recovery efforts after an emergency.

Citizen Academy – Citizen Academy is a dynamic and highly-acclaimed program aimed towards regular citizens and teaches them about law enforcement and the criminal justice procedure.

Reserve Deputies – The Sheriff’s Office uses Reserve Deputies to supplement and assist regular full-time deputies in their performance and duties. Reserve Deputies provide additional resources, backup, and assistance when called upon. This town is big enough for the both of you.

Just contact the Thousand Oaks Police Charitable Foundation in Thousand Oaks, California to learn more about how you can keep the people in your area safe and wish to service your community.

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