Start Smart & Teen Drivers Thousand Oaks CA

Start Smart Can Help Teen Drivers Tackle the Road

Attention teen drivers: you need to get off on the right foot when it comes to driving. Start Smart can help!

As a teen, you may have many positive feelings about getting your license; excitement is probably the top one. That little piece of plastic gives you so much more freedom. You might also be feeling a little nervous, and that’s completely normal! In fact, a healthy respect for the responsibility of driving is important.

We don’t want to scare you, but we do want you to know the facts. Traffic collisions are the top cause of fatalities in teens 16 to 19. What’s more, the teen driver was the one at fault in over 2/3 of those accidents.

Don’t become another statistic! Help yourself defy the odds by attending a 2-hour Start Smart class at your local Police Station. You’ll get to hear tricks and tips for great driving from a CHP officer. You’ll also be able to talk about things like how to avoid a crash, what you need to know about a DUI, and what kind of role your phone should play in your driving (hint: none!).

Get into the driver’s seat armed with knowledge and confidence. Check out a Start Smart class!

We hope you’ll take this information to heart and focus on staying safe on the road, whether you’re a new driver or have decades of experience behind the wheel! You can also contact the Thousand Oaks Police Charitable Foundation in Thousand Oaks, California to learn more about how you can get directly involved in keeping our streets safe. We’re proud to support local Start Smart classes to help keep everyone in the area protected on the road!

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