Teaching Local Kids To STAND PROUD

Empowering Our Local Youths

Do you remember how you felt in 5th grade? Even if you have a hard time recalling specifics, you can probably think back to a time when you were just starting to become self-aware and trying to learn to navigate your growing social sphere. Trying to figure it all out before middle school was overwhelming back then, but today our kids are learning to become themselves with added pressures of social media and cyber bullying to face!

At the Thousand Oaks Police Charitable Foundation, we are dedicated to helping kids in our community become their best, happiest, healthiest selves. In an effort to do just that, we have joined with STAND PROUD, a local program through Conejo Valley Unified School District that is aimed at helping 5th grade students learn social skills. STAND PROUD stands for Support, Trust, Acceptance, Nurturing, Dependable, Preparation, Respect, Opportunity, Understanding, and Determination.

STAND PROUD is implemented in three phases. In the first, 1,400 5th graders get hands-on, experienced-based leadership training with the goal of building understanding around teamwork, cooperation, and values clarification.

In the next phase, Conejo Valley Unified School District counselors are trained to give their students follow-up sessions to continue building on their foundation. In the final phase, students from two different schools will both feed into the same secondary school and go to Camp Hess Kramer together to get on-the-ground time to practice their social skills with new peers. In this idyllic setting, they get to build relationships with their future classmates and build confidence in their own social skills.

Are you interested in learning more about or getting involved in STAND PROUD? Do not wait to contact the Thousand Oaks Police Charitable Foundation. Serving Thousand Oaks and the surrounding California cities, we want to help our community members help each other. To start making a difference in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders, call us today!


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