Safe Passage Program

Safe Passage Program

The Safe Passage program helps over one-hundred (100) underprivileged children stay on a safe path towards a just and honest life. 

There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing underprivileged children, but we are not helpless. There are many organization that try and provide them with a good life, but true change requires the help of everyone, not just one person or one company.

How You Can Help the Safe Passage Program

Did you know that we have a new program led by the Thousand Oaks Police Department in affiliation with numerous partners? We are offering kids that are underprivileged at risk to join our TOPD Gang!! Yes, that’s right, we have a gang called SAFE PASSAGE. We have two centers here in Thousand Oaks that house over 150 young kids daily. Staff from CRPD help these kids get to the site safely, assist with homework, provide healthy snacks, and, most importantly, provide them a safe passage for a better life.

This is where we need your help – below is a link to our Safe Passage Amazon Wish List of supplies that we need at the TOPD SAFE PASSAGE centers. This is a new concept, it’s kind of like a wedding registry. We have all these specific items that we need, from dry-erase boards to books for the kids. When someone clicks on it to buy, it automatically reduces the quantity and ships the item directly to the SAFE PASSAGE PROGRAM at the police department.

It’s as easy as shopping in your jammies–because you can do just that. Just click the link here and help us change the lives of children in our community!

Just contact the Thousand Oaks Police Charitable Foundation in Thousand Oaks, California to learn more about how you can keep the people in your area safe and wish to service your community.

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