Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)

The mission of Area 2 ACS/ARES is tmaintain and train Amateur Radio volunteers capable of providing professional emergency communications, increasing our emergency response effectiveness, and speeding the recovery effort. Areas of knowledge that directly support this mission include:
• Operationaand technicaknowledge in message handling
• Pac
ket operation
• Proper emergency network voice operation procedures

ACprovides backup communications services during emergencies or disaster situations. This may consist of deploying operators to Emergency Operations Centers, Special Needs Shelters, Tactical First-in Teams, Damage Assessment teams, or other locations that have an emergency communications need.

ACS is the network, iVentura County, that connects public and local communities with hospitals, fire/police departmentsfirst responders, FEMA, other government agencies and resources when emergencies and disasters occur. ACS has working agreements, and conducts tests, with local community networks to ensure that their requests and needs can be relayed through ACS to the proper agency.

When an emergency or disaster occurs, members should:
• Monitor the Area 2 Voice Net “BOZO” on 147.885 MHzminus offset, PL 127.3 for instructions
• Tune to the County ACfrequency on “South Mountain” on 146.385 MHz, plus offset, PL127.3
• If both BOZand South Mountain arinoperative, scan other ACS area frequencies until you find an active ACnet covering the emergency

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