American Heart Month

American Heart Month: How to Increase Your Heart Health

February is American Heart Month, do you know the steps to take in order to make your heart healthier during this day of awareness?

Along with Black History Month, February shares our hearts in another way: by raising heart health awareness. Your heart is a muscle, and like every other muscle, it needs to be treated right and exercised in order to remain healthy. Visiting your doctor, eating the right foods, and exercising are all habits you can create in order to increase the health of your heart. Let’s go a little bit more in depth as to how each of these can help your heart and how you can celebrate American Heart Month.

Visit Your Doctor

Your doctor can detect any signs of heart disease and recommend dietary, physical, and medical advice in order to get your heart healthy. When it comes to issues of the heart, early detection is crucial as it can prevent a more serious heart issue down the line.

Eat Plenty of Vegetables

Vegetables can do wonders for your heart. They contain all the nutrients it needs without all of the nasty grease, fat, and oil that comes from eating meat. While meat can be healthy, you should decrease your meat consumption to once a week. It’s not only good for your heart, it is great for the environment, too!

Get Exercise Regularly

Exercise strengthens your heart. Exercising for only 30 minutes at least three times a week can really make the difference. You can start by walking 15 minutes and then increase it to 30 minutes once you feel comfortable to bump up your workout regiment.

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