Thousand Oaks Gang Free Zone

A Safe Christmas For Thousand Oaks Children

The Thousand Oaks Police Department was able to provide a safe and friendly holiday for local children.

Thanks to a partnership between the Thousand Oaks Police Department and the Conjeo Recreation and Park District, hundreds of children got to enjoy a little extra holiday cheer at home this season. Children who live in at the Warwick Ave. complex were able to meet Santa and take home presents of their own on December 11th without the threat from gang members that have plagued the area for many years.

The apartment complex has had a gang problem for more than two decades, but now can boast a gang-free zone. TOPD and CRPD have been working to eliminate the gang presence, graffiti, violence, and drugs that had been overtaking the complex.

TOPD has been making regular visits to the area and getting to know the families who lived there. They also worked to make the area uncomfortable for those who were breaking the law. The manager and owner of the building helped to identify gang members so that they could be evicted.

Along with moving known gang members out of the area, TOPD focused their attention on the young people who lived in the apartments, letting them know the importance of education and the dangers that go along with being involved in a gang. CRPD also worked to create an after-school homework club so elementary school children had a safe place to get their school work done.

Thousand Oaks Charitable Police Foundation in Thousand Oaks, California is a proud sponsor of the program and all of the good it is doing in the community!

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